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It is nice to have a steady stream of income that a structured settlement annuity payment stream can provide. However, changes in your life or urgent financial needs may mean it is better for you financially to have cash now – rather than waiting…

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An annuity is designed to be a form of income that provides the annuitant (the person receiving the annuity payments) a steady stream of money over time. But what if you need a large amount of money now instead of doled out over several years?…

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Many lottery winners will choose to receive a lump sum payout rather than receive their lottery prize payments over a period of time. However, if that was not an option for you when you cashed your winning lottery ticket, you can still sell your lottery payments for…

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Did you hit the jackpot at the casino? Generally, a cash payout is not available and payments are paid out over time. But what if you desperately need your cash now? That’s where Dolphin Asset Group’s services offer a lifesaving alternative to years of…

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Structured Settlement Payouts

An annuity (or other payment stream) can be a great nest egg for the future, providing steady income. However, if you need cash now — because of foreclosure, divorce, medical bills, college tuition and education expenses, job loss, down payment on a new home, or just to pay off debts — it’s good to know that you can sell your structured settlement annuity payment rights or other payment rights to Dolphin Asset Group.

Our lump sum payments are not a loan — they are a one-time payment you receive from us. You do not have to pay it back. We offer lump sum payments on:

Structured Settlements

A structured settlement annuity usually results from settlement of a tort claim (lawsuit): wrongful death, medical malpractice, or personal injury (such as auto accident, slip and fall, or premises liability). If you are a structured settlement annuitant (someone who receives payments from a structured settlement annuity), it is possible to sell those payments for a lump sum of cash that you can receive now.

Lottery Prize Winning Payments

Many lottery winners would prefer to receive their prize as a lump sum instead of over time. With Dolphin Asset Group, it’s easy to get a lump sum payment for your lottery prize winnings instead of receiving them over a number of years.

Casino Winnings

Many casinos require jackpot winners to receive their payments over time rather than receiving their winnings in a lump sum. If this happened to you and you now wish to receive a lump sum for your casino jackpot winnings instead, you can! Dolphin Asset Group will purchase your casino winnings and provide you with cash.

Annuity Payments

Basic annuities provide a predictable income stream. However, if you need cash now for medical bills or any other reason, Dolphin Asset Group gives you the option of converting some or all of your upcoming annuity payments into cash.

Who Can Sell an Annuity?

If you’re over 18 and are an annuitant, you can sell your annuity. People who are under 18 can have their parent or legal guardian sell the annuity for them if cash is needed for college or other needs, and if the court deems the sale of the annuity to be in the best interests of the child.

Why wait years to get the money that’s coming to you from your payment stream? Dolphin Asset Group makes it easy to get a lump sum of cash NOW in exchange for your payment stream. Dolphin Asset Group sticks to its original offer*: Some companies make an offer before you sign an agreement with them and then change the offer, or they promise a fast cash payment when they need a longer timeframe.

Dolphin Asset Group does not deceive its customers or promise something we can’t deliver just to win your business. With Dolphin Asset Group, what you see is what you get — and what you get is the cash you need, in a lump sum. And when you desperately need cash and can’t wait to receive it over several years, having help from a company like Dolphin Asset Group can be a lifesaver that can help you and your family stay afloat during troubled times.

Call us today at (888) 218-0276 or use the contact form on this page to start the process of selling your structured settlement.

*Please note: Dolphin Asset Group’s offers are subject to receiving and reviewing your paperwork and confirming that the payments you wish to sell are available for purchase.