Structured settlements entitle people to a series of equal payments for a specified amount of time. Many people use those payments to pay their mortgages or other monthly bills. However, if your paycheck takes care of all your bills, you have a great opportunity: You can use the money from your structured settlement to fulfill all your dreams and check off everything on your bucket list!

The Bucket List

Many people have several things they want to do before they “kick the bucket.” Unfortunately, most people cannot afford to pay for many of the activities on their bucket lists without sacrificing, saving, and planning because of the amount the activities cost.

People with structured settlements have an advantage in that regard: They can convert a portion of their entire structured settlement into cash by selling future payments, and can then check off the things on their bucket list one at a time. This enables them to reach their goal of enjoying the best the planet has to offer.

Getting the Money

Structured settlements are designed to issue a monthly check. However, if those checks are not large enough for you to pay for the things on your bucket list, you can sell some or all of the payments of your structured settlement.

There are a number of companies (such as Dolphin Asset Group) that will gladly purchase your structured settlement payments and give you the money you need to be able to do the life-altering fun activities that you have on your bucket list. The process is simple, but you need to make sure you’re selling to a reputable company that won’t change its offer at the last minute.

Managing the Money

Personal discipline and proper planning are essential if you want to use the money from your structured settlement to pay for all or most of the things on your bucket list. First you have to figure out what it would cost to do each of the items on your list. Add those amounts together and you’ll know the amount of money it takes to check off all the boxes on your bucket list. If it’s less than the money you were offered in exchange for your structured settlement, then it’s just a matter of scheduling the things on your bucket list and making the necessary arrangements.

A Dream Come True

Few people are fortunate enough to have all of their dreams come true. If you have structured settlements and are willing to sell some or all of them for a lump sum of cash, you may be in a unique position of being able to afford some or even all the things that you dream of doing sometime in your life. The first step to take is to find an organization willing to give you an acceptable amount of money for your structured settlement, and then you have to manage the money wisely enough that it will pay for all those bucket list activities while making sure the utility and mortgage payments get paid in full and on time.

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