For the average household, financial challenges may seem to never end. Whether you are seeking an easier solution to pay multiple creditors or a better way to track certain monthly expenses, you can use a systematic method to help simplify the task. A spreadsheet will provide a reliable way to determine where your money is spent each month.

Major Consumer Expenses

Monthly bills are inevitable for maintaining some basic lifestyle necessities. Whether you desire to live extravagantly or to maintain a frugal lifestyle, paying a variety of monthly expenses is necessary.

If you are like most consumers, housing costs will usually command the largest portion of your expenses. Make no mistake about it, your rent, mortgage payment, homeowners insurance or property taxes are required to keep a roof over your head. Your expenses might include automobile payments, credit card bills and utility payments as well.

Getting a handle on your monthly expenses is a necessary first step toward taming your finances. Using a reliable spreadsheet could enable you to more accurately balance your monthly debts and figure out which credit accounts can be paid off or paid down to make more room in your monthly household budget.

Buying Software Programs to Manage Your Finances

A variety of software programs provide a step-by-step process for managing your expenses. Using tools within a software program, you can set up a list of bills that are due on certain days of the months. Software programs will also enable you to recap your expenses for certain time frames. For instance, you can track your grocery expenses for the previous quarter or for the entire year.

Using spreadsheets within a budgeting software program could help you track your savings and your investments too. After all, if you are receiving a structured settlement or an annuity, you may want to grow your windfall into a much larger nest egg.

Budgeting With Cloud-Based Programs

Cloud-based programs are very helpful for tech savvy consumers. From a laptop computer, desktop computer or a mobile device, you can manage your finances on the Internet. Many consumers are able to set up a cloud-based account with a username and a password. Using cloud-based spreadsheets, you can manage your monthly bills from anywhere that enables you to access your information online.

Cloud-based computing gives you the ability to review or to input new information into your spreadsheet. Setting up a web-based method to manage your finances is fairly inexpensive. While there are many low-cost alternatives for cloud-based spreadsheets, you might find that a variety of free web-based spreadsheets are suitable for your needs.


Deciding to get a handle on your monthly expenses is a proactive step toward sound financial management. Whether you’re using a basic Excel spreadsheet or one that is part of a bigger financial software package, budget spreadsheets are helpful for consumers who pay monthly bills by mail as well as for consumers who prefer to remit payments via online banking.

With a variety of helpful tools such as the handy budget spreadsheet, you may be able to manage your monthly spending better than you ever thought you could!


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