Selling your annuity, structured settlement annuity payment rights, lottery prize payments, or casino winnings can be a good idea when you need a large sum of cash now. Whether you need cash now for paying credit card debt or medical bills, making home repairs, buying a new car, making a down payment on a new home, taking that dream vacation, or other reason, Dolphin Asset Group can assist you.

When it comes to selling future payment streams of any kind, it is absolutely vital to deal with a company you can trust. Don’t fall for glitzy ads that make unrealistic promises, such as insisting that you can receive your cash today! Scams are rampant in our industry, and you need to choose a company that is straightforward and trustworthy.

With years of experience, Dolphin Asset Group’s experts can give our customers the very best deal for their structured settlement payment rights, annuities, lottery prize winnings or casino winnings. Some companies will make you an offer and then change the story once you sign an agreement — but not Dolphin Asset Group. Once we verify that you are eligible to sell your payments, we make an offer that is fair and meets your needs, and we stand by that offer.

Don’t put your life on hold while you wait for the next annuity payment to arrive. Get your money now in the form of a lump sum cash payment that can boost your financial situation and give you peace of mind. Dolphin Asset Group’s services are a real lifesaver when you need cash in a hurry for an urgent need.

To get started selling your annuity, structured settlement payment rights, casino jackpot winnings or lottery prize winnings, fill out the Contact Form on this page today or give Dolphin Asset Group a call at (888) 218-0276. Get the cash you need to help you stay afloat!


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