It is nice to have a steady stream of income that a structured settlement annuity payment stream can provide. However, changes in your life or urgent financial needs may mean it is better for you financially to have cash now – rather than waiting for the payments over a number of years.

If you have pressing needs, such as medical bills; credit card debt; foreclosure; need to make home repairs; or need cash to purchase a home, automobile or business, Dolphin Asset Group can assist you in getting your cash now! We can help you and your family stay afloat during financial difficulties or help you get out of debt.

Whatever you need or want to use your structured settlement annuity payments for, Dolphin Asset Group can buy your structured settlement annuity payments and give you your cash now, when you really need it. Many customers have told us our services were a lifesaver for them at a difficult time!

Beware of companies that run glitzy ads and offer instant service such as receiving your cash the same day or within the same week. These companies might convince you to sign up with them and then change the terms of their offer – and this is not in your best interest!

Dolphin Asset Group has years of experience buying structured settlements and will make you an offer that is fair and meets your needs. We will answer all your questions about selling your structured settlement annuity payment rights, and make sure you understand the process. To get started, fill out the Contact Form on this page or give us a call at (888) 218-0276.


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